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Croatian Women’s Auxillary Katarina Zrinski


The Croatian Women’s Auxillary Katarina Zrinski was formed in Adelaide on the 27th of October, 1974. The Adelaide group was the first in Australia to use the name 'Katarina Zrinski’, choosing the name in honour of Countess Ana Katarina Zrinski (1625 - 1673) who is remembered as one of the greatest woman in Croatian history for her work as a humanitarian and Croatian patriot. Katarina Zrinski was originally formed to assist the executive committee of the Adelaide Croatian Club in the development of cultural and social events, with a focus on fundraising to ensure the Club’s financial future.  A small group of members calling themselves ‘Marljive Pčele’ (busy Bees), started Saturday afternoon coffee and social get-togethers in individual member’s homes, with the tradition growing to a much larger gathering of wonderful women once a month every Sunday afternoon at the Club. 

Fundraising and community assistance has always been an integral element of Katarina Zrinski’s gatherings and events, providing invaluable assistance and support to the Adelaide Croatian Club since its inception. Past projects include establishing crews to prepare meals for volunteers working on the construction of the new Club, the building and maintenance of a Croatian Library, raising monies for aid during the Homeland War, sponsoring 59 orphans in Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina, raising money to support orphaned children in our local community, and countless other efforts to provide services as needed for the Croatian community and beyond.

Join us at Sunday Čajanka (afternoon tea) on the first Sunday of every month, or any one of the many events held by Katarina Zrinski throughout the year – each and every one is a great get-together for the ladies.  If you would like more information on becoming a member of Katarina Zrinski or supporting the organisation, please contact Vjera Žuvela on 0412 356 225.

Sunday 4th July - Sunday 1st August - Sunday 12th September

Sunday 3rd October - Sunday 7th November


Vjera Žuvela


0412 356 225


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