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Croatian Ethnic School


The establishment of the Croatian Ethnic School in 1966 represents our community's desire to promote the Croatian language, as well as the country’s beautiful culture and fascinating history. Today, we follow those same principles in educating our students.

The Croatian Ethnic School offers a comprehensive and consecutive R-12 language education in Croatian language and culture. Enrolment does not require prior knowledge, as our teachers adapt to the language level of your child and construct curriculum accordingly. We also implement a smaller class structure than traditional language classrooms, allowing for a more focused and interactive learning environment.  Croatian School is fun! Every year, all the students come together in presenting Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Saint Nicholas concerts, where they are encouraged to recite poems, sing songs and take part in group plays and performances. These events are a fun way for your child to improve their speaking skills and confidence with the Croatian language in a safe and supportive environment.

Within the Croatian Community we use the language of our heritage to communicate our thoughts, to connect with others and to identify with our culture. In addition, learning another language, especially during early childhood and primary school years, is incredibly beneficial to a child’s overall education and development. When a child studies a second language their cognitive abilities are strengthened across a range of areas including problem-solving skills, memory retention, language awareness, intercultural understanding, as well as analytical and interpretive skills. Studies also show bilingual learners have heightened listening skills, are better multitaskers and communicators, and perform better on standardised tests! 

In addition to language-based lessons, religious classes are available for those who wish to receive the sacraments of Holy Communion and/or Confirmation. The guidance and teaching of our community's sisters will equip your child with the necessary knowledge and understanding to begin their individual spiritual journey.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the classes we provide, contact Dragica Šarunić, Principal of the Croatian Ethnic School, via e-mail or phone.



Dragica Šarunić


0423 614 361


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