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Hrvatska Etnička Škola or Croatian Ethnic School was originally founded at the Chief Street club rooms in 1961 by Ms. Amalia Rutar. Unfortunately due to poor numbers the school was disbanded but started again in 1966 by Mr.Anđelko Tomasović with a greater number of students & still continues today.

Currently, language classes are held on Friday nights at the Croatian Club Adelaide in Brompton.​​ It was the vision of Mr.Tomasović & the Croatian parish priest at the time, Nikica Dušević to teach young Croatians their culture & also provide religious education, which is still encouraged today.

Father Nikica Dušević remained with the school until 1996 when he retired & returned to Croatia. Ljerka Drapać was one of the initial teachers & still teaches at our school today with a career spanning over 50 years(since 1966). The Croatian Ethnic School in Brompton,Adelaide is the oldest continuously running Croatian school in Australia. *Term dates for 2020 are listed below.

























Functions are held by the school several times a year including Mothers Day & Fathers Day Lunch where the children put together a stage production.

The stage productions began in 1966 & have been a long-standing tradition. At Christmas time St.Nicholas or 'Sveti Nikola' comes to visit & the children receive gifts. We celebrate this festival with a Family Fun Day, where everything from Slushees to Jumping Castles are available for the children to enjoy.




Enrolment Day - Friday, 31st January 2020 from 7.00pm for children aged 4 to 18years.


  • Term 1  Commences on Friday, February 7th & concludes Friday, April 10th

  • Term 2  Commences on Friday, May 1st & concludes Friday, July 3rd *Sunday May 10th - Mother's Day Concert & Luncheon

  • Term 3  Commences on Friday, July 24th & concludes Friday, September 25th *Friday September 6th - Father' Day Concert & Dinner

  • Term 4  Commences on Friday, October 16th & concludes Friday, December 4th *Sunday December 6th - St.Nicholas Family Fun Day


Currently the teaching staff is lead by principal / teacher Dragica Šarunić with Ljerka Drapać, Đurđa Baričevac & Petar Kulaš. For information on how to enrol your child/children please contact the Croatian Club Adelaide or email the School Principal, Dragica Šarunić-

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