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As in many European countries, Bocce is a beloved national past time in Croatia, and continues to be enjoyed by the Croatian diaspora in Australia. Traditionally played on natural soil, the sport has evolved to the use of asphalt courts for greater precision. Likewise, the traditional wooden balls have been replaced by their modern day equivalents, generally made from baked clay, metal, or even plastic. Commonly confused with lawn bowls, Bocce balls differ due to their spherical shape and lack of inbuilt bias. Games are conducted by two teams of between one to four players. The match begins when one team throws a smaller ball, known as the ‘jack’, into the area at the far end of the court.

At the Adelaide Croatian Club, Bocce remains a stalwart social feature for our members and patrons. Over the years our facilities have grown in line with the game’s popularity, and we now have three undercover lanes to accommodate our players.

Members meet regularly at the club for a few games of Bocce with familiar company, familiar banter and a familiar amount of good-natured gesticulation.  For further information about Bocce at the Adelaide Croatian Club, please contact Bepi Bozanić on 0404 935 734.

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Bepi Bozanić 


0404 935 734

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