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Croatian folkloric dancing has been in Adelaide for close to 60 years, but the folkloric ensemble Lenek was first formed in 1978 at Chief Street, Brompton in Adelaide

by Dragana Brkljača,Dragica Jadrešić, Danica Rušov, Branka Glamočak & Marija Mezić with less than 20 dancers. Dragana Brkljača & Dragica Jadrešić remained with the Lenek committee until 2008.​ Lenek's first performance was at the Adelaide Festival Theatre performing for HRH Queen Elizabeth II in costumes they had made themselves from bed sheets.​​ The Lenek committee were determined to gather as many children as possible to teach & preserve the Croatian culture & dance.

In the late '80s the group had grown to 150 dancers. Currently the age groups range from 3 years of age to 28+ years of age.​​

Lenek continues to preserve Croatian culture & traditions & to perform to the wider community showing not only our culture but our huge range of beautiful costumes.

Lenek is about developing friendships & camaraderie among dancers & most importantly to enjoy being part of a community.​

Now after more than 30 years we find a mixture of first, second & third generation 'Croat-Australians' make up our dance groups & we're constantly challenging ourselves to keep them interested. There is fun, games, performances (at weddings,concerts & festivals) outings & even picnics where it's all about having a good time with others within the community.​


Lenek has a group of dedicated teachers who work hard to keep the quality of Croatian folk dancing to a high standard & professionalism. They strive to have fun with their dancers & at the same time, guide & teach students about Croatian culture & dance. The committee works hard to give the dancers every opportunity to perform & laboriously make or source their beautiful costumes.​ As multiculturalism in Australia thrives, we hope to hold on to our little treasure 'Lenek' & ask for community support & help so that we can continue this wonderful folkloric tradition for our children,their children & many more generations of 'Croat-Australians' to come.


















All parents & dancers are encouraged to attend meetings to express any concerns they have to the committee. Your feedback & your ideas will be very much welcome. We always strive to do something very special & exciting for every Lenek Zabava(Concert). Your feedback is greatly appreciated to make every year the best ever.


Please note: Practices commence on Sunday 2nd February 2020. This later starting date will allow us time to collate all enrolment details & place children in appropriate groups, allocate teachers to groups & plan the dances that will be performed by the children for the year. Lenek caters for all ages 3 years & over with or without previous dance experience. Lenek is a wonderful community to be a part of & a great way to make new friends, be involved in some regular exercise & to promote & prolong the Croatian Culture.​ For more information contact Hilda Žuvela (President) or Velimir Rončević (Senior Dance Co-ordinator) by Email: lenekadelaide@gmail.com

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