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Dates for Čajanka - Tea Party in 2020

   February 2nd / March 1st / April 5th  May 3rd / June 7th / July 5th

August 2nd / September 13th

October 4th / November 1st

& December 13th

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Đurđa Baričevac

​Hrvatska Žena Katarina Zrinski was formed in Adelaide on the 27th of October 1974 at the original Croatian club in Chief Street, Brompton. The Adelaide group were the first in Australia to use the name 'Katarina Zrinski' - other groups within Australia & New Zealand followed at later dates.


The name 'Katarina Zrinski' is used in honour of Countess Ana Katarina Zrinski (1625 - 1673) who is remembered today as the greatest woman in Croatian history for her work as a humanitarian & Croatian patriot.

The organisation was originally formed to assist the main organisation in their development culturally & socially. As the amount of members grew, more involvement continued within the community such as


  • Free excursions, held at least twice a year for members

  • Commenced the sponsorship of 59 orphans in Croatia & Bosnia-Hercegovina

  • Maintaining the library & acquisition of books continues to this day

  • Formation of the Croatian library, which opened in 1981

  • Luncheons & functions to raise money to build & maintain the Croatian Club Adelaide

Traditionally, 'Čajanka' or Tea Party is held on the first Sunday of every month. This function continues to draw anything up to 150 members. Today it is a major fundraising event & a great get-together for the ladies of the community.


Important Dates to Remember in 2020


  • Sunday 5th January 2020 - Registration/Membership drive from 2.30pm

  • Sunday February  - Annual General Meeting from 2.30pm (tbc)

  • Sunday December  - Christmas Lunch from 2.30pm (tbc)

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