40th Anniversary Foundation Stone

Sunday December 11th 1977 signified a new era for the Croatian Community in Adelaide. The communities previous premises at Chief Street in Brompton proved inadequate for a rapidly expanding community as many continued to emigrate from overseas. Both the old & younger generations wanted more room for recreation (bocce arena & court sports). There was a growing interest from the younger generation wanting to learn the Croatian language (Croatian Ethnic Language School) & also from those wanting to learn the tradition of Croatian Folkloric dancing (HFS Lenek).

Many volunteers, tradesmen,business men & women who despite continuing to work their own jobs - some 7 days a week, often sacrificed their own precious free time to achieve their dream. The dream of a newer,bigger & soley owned & operated Croatian Club & Community Centre in Adelaide became a reality when construction was finally completed & the doors officially opened on Friday May 16th 1980.

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